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Realise The Potential in Your Fulfilment Operations

Concerned with picking your customer’s orders faster? Uncovering your business practices? Making your staff happier? Improving the bottom-line?

We have you covered!

Benefits of WaveOMS

Promotes Business Growth

  • Enables immediate growth without any reduction in service level
  • Allows warehouse to handle surges in demand with ease and stress-free
  • Faster order fulfilment promotes repeat customers

Picker Efficiency

  • Drastic reduction in step count of each picker
  • Reduction in labour cost (~30% – Optima)
  • Most economical, productive and efficient process for pickers on the market through walking (picking) path optimisation

Order Fulfilment Time

  • Best in class
  • All orders completed on same day, even on busiest days
  • Case study: Reduction from 72 hours turnaround to 12 hours

Full Automation

  • Reduce the number & complexity of decisions made by the team

Total Accuracy

  • Pick the correct items, 100% of the time
  • Send to the correct customers, 100% of the time

Paperless Process

  • Save money, be more eco-friendly and eliminate errors caused by mistakes

Calm & Orderly Warehouse

  • Eliminates criss-crossing by pickers, leading to faster, safer and less labour intensive days
  • Removes panic, stress and chaos from the warehouse
  • Leads to happier warehouse staff, pleasant work environment and less staff turnover


  • Enables direct cross-docking capability with other warehouses and local suppliers
  • Facilitates larger SKU ranges allowed by cross-docking
  • Lower capital requirement due to increased stock consolidation opportunities