System Features

  • Eliminate unnecessary steps for pickers and packers, increase overall warehouse productivity by up to 50%
  • Delivers 99.9% accuracy by using scanning technology and clear warning alerts users
  • Our experienced team will guide you through the integration process
  • With several integration options, depending on your current technology profile, we’ll chose the most effective option with least disruption to your business
  • Minimal up-front setup fees
  • With basic hardware requirements and a lean approach, we keep  the need for investment low
  • Move to a 100% paper-free and clutter-free fulfilment process overnight with WaveOMS
  • Gain all of the benefits of going paperless such as reduced costs, better data security, stronger eco-friendly credentials and dramatically lower operational risks
  • Take your business to the next level with smart decision making that is driven by data
  • Collect and analyse relevant information on your customers, orders, products and more, to guide decisions that improve success
  • Update order details, customer information and picklists in real time
  • Exceed your customer’s expectations by sending dispatch confirmations as soon as they are packed, just minutes after the order is placed
  • Ensure that all stakeholders in your operation have visibility of its end-to-end performance
  • Through better communications, better access to data, dynamic reports and visualisations
  • Our experienced team have designed the deployment process to cause minimum disruption to your business, without compromising on quality
  • Build the capability to scale your sales without having to redraw and increase your warehouse operations
  • Case studies show that warehouses can dispatch up to 10 times the number of orders after deployment of WaveOMS
  • With modular product offerings and a pricing model that varies depending on how busy you are, WaveOMS is designed to accommodate all types and sizes of businesses
  • Suitable for businesses that are large and small, seasonal and consistent, established companies and those with growth aspirations

Easily Integrate all your Tech

Connect with one of our host of pre-built integrations with some of the biggest names in the business, or build your own with our developer-friendly REST API  


What our clients say

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