How it Works

Effective Order Fulfilment is much more complex than having a production-line to package goods

Our proprietary Pick & Pack approach, part science and part art, has been designed and honed over years by industry experts in fulfilment


Smart and efficient item picking is fundamental to all fufilment processes, and so it is a central building block for our system too. 

We’ve removed all the noise and decisions around picking, to let pickers focus on what they do best – quickly retrieving the next item that is closest to them, regardless of what order it is needed for. 

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Items are picked to maximise the efficiency of picking routes, based on the picker’s location rather than the order it relates to.

To allow for this, WaveOMS quickly reconstitutes the orders without the need for human oversight or management.


Packers are instructed to pack the next most urgent order, irrespective of what size it is, how easy it is to box, or how close at hand it is.

You set the rules for what orders are prioritised first for packing, based on times, recipients, items included, carriers, etc. 

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Automated label generation means you send the correct items to the correct destination every time.

Take advantage of our extensive range of integrations to instantly connect with your carrier, or to instantly expand the offering for your customers.